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Neurosurgeon's active rehabilitation program changes people's lives for the better

Dr. Luke Knox, a spine neurosurgeon based in Fayetteville, Arkansas began integrating the David Spine concept in 2016 into his Total Spine clinic that is a part of the Washington Regional Medical System. This article discusses his program and how effective it has been in improving people’s quality of life.

Dr. Knox and his team always wanted to explore non-operative options for their patients and began using MedX Exercise Equipment for their rehabilitation program in 2005. In 2015, they were introduced to the David concept and devices. After spending time studying the scientific evidence and experiencing the David concept firsthand, they changed their approach.

“In fact, after starting with David we were placing over 100 patients a day through our rehabilitation program. After just 6 months, we began using the David equipment exclusively and obtained additional devices so that we could meet the growing demand.”

Total Spine has a fee-for-service insurance-paid program for prevention and rehabilitation as well as an after-care maintenance program. In 2018 they opened a second clinic in Bentonville, Arkansas. They utilize two David spine systems as well as the Shoulder and Hip & Knee devices. Furthermore, the physical therapists are impressed with how the device-based exercise therapy can enhance their expertise and enable more time for personalized care.


The program helps improve surgical outcomes and can reduce surgeries

Almost everyone, with a few exceptions, is a candidate for the David rehabilitation program. For those more critical and severe cases, Dr. Knox consults with the patient to see if surgery supported by the David ‘prehab’, or pre-operative rehabilitation, and post-op program is the best option. Sometimes patients initially recommended for surgery have been able to avoid it with the help of the prehab program. For example, one patient had cervical stenosis, but went through the David program, and in the end didn’t need the surgery. “We’ve also been able to help patients with severe underlying scoliosis and stenosis. It is rewarding to see that active rehabilitation can dramatically change people’s lives for the better and help them avoid surgery.”

We’ve been able to help patients with severe underlying scoliosis and stenosis

The David EVE system records the initial, mid-term and end values for the patient’s strength and range of motion levels and compares these to normative values. Additionally, all aspects of each training session are recorded in EVE. “When a patient comes back to consult with me after their treatment program, I always go through the EVE reports showing the patient’s strength, mobility and strength balance improvement. This is an excellent tool to show actual results and is a great motivator for patients”.

The future of rehabilitation medicine is here

The future direction of spine care treatment is changing. In fact, there is a growing need to document all aspects of rehabilitation to understand how patients are improving.

This has helped us provide the individualized care that every patient needs

“With EVE, our surgeons and physical therapists can actively follow the treatment progress of our patients and make changes when needed. This has helped us provide the individualized care that every patient needs.”


Founder Arno Parviainen (third from left) visiting the Total Spine team along with Dr. Luke Knox (second from right).

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