Falls Prevention

Falls at home are responsible for a majority of hospital visits by elderly people. Poor balance and posture, low vision, dizziness and several other reasons can be a major cause of falls.  There are solutions to this common problem. WorkStrong Physiotherapy can help you correct weaknesses in your body that contribute to falls and strengthen you to reduce the risk of it happening.

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Exercise performance, not your age, is the best guide to how long you’re going to live

Performance on a treadmill stress test, used to calculate your “physiological” age, is a better predictor of longevity than your actual chronological age.

And when doctors talk about physiological age – whether their bodies are older or younger than the actual years they have lived – patients are more motivated to maintain their exercise regime or improve it.

This is because they are given a simpler picture – rather than a more complex detailing of health factors measured in testing – and can more easily understand how their level of fitness is keeping them “younger” or pushing them into the grave.

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