The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body and runs from the lower back to the back of the thigh to the foot. Sciatica is nerve pain that is caused by this nerve being irritated, inflamed, or damaged. Sciatica can be caused by pressure on the nerve, for example, due to pregnancy or by incorrect posture that puts too much strain on the back. Although the symptoms of sciatica vary, most symptoms are often felt in the back, legs, and buttocks.

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From footballers to whiplash patients: WorkStrong Physiotherapy clinic treats them all

The WorkStrong Physiotherapy clinic, located in Melbourne, Australia is a private clinic owned by Mark Jans. The practice has been open since 2002, providing physical therapy services to a diverse audience. But how can the same equipment cater to so many different patients? This article shares that story.

After suffering years of chronic back pain, Mark Jans visited a local clinic and found the DAVID Spine Concept. Within a few weeks, he was relieved from the chronic pain and was so convinced with the results that he introduced the David technology to his own practice, WorkStrong Physiotherapy.

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The DAVID technology achieved what regular gym equipment could not

At 25 years young, Nadja had already suffered from many years of chronic lower back pain. Later she was given a scoliosis diagnosis. Visiting the Nordic Health clinic, she found it hard to believe that the David devices would make a difference. They looked like regular gym equipment at a quick glance. This blog shares Nadja’s story and how the new program transformed her back and finally brought relief to her chronic back pain.

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Each year, the RAAF was losing 7 man-years of productivity, mainly due to neck problems

Applying the world’s best practice for strength and conditioning to the RAAF’s fighter pilots. This two-part blog series provides a unique opportunity to learn about the demanding job of fighter pilots, how a pain-accepting culture had to be changed, and how device-based training has reduced pain and increased economic performance for the RAAF. The article, originally published in the Australian Aviation magazine, details how the Royal Australian Airforce (RAAF) utilizes the David Spine Concept to condition fighter pilots to be ready for their demanding tasks.

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Intelligent rehabilitation technology is helping China cope with its growing musculoskeletal problems

The 29th of September was a milestone for DAVID in China. The first public-private clinic for spine, hip & knee and shoulder problems was officially opened in Changshu, some two hours from Shanghai. The launch set in motion an ambitious plan to use intelligent rehabilitation technology nationawide to tackle China’s growing musculoskeletal problems caused by the changing lifestyle and aging population. 

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