Creating a common language between physical therapist and patient: EVE profile reporting

An important component of the David Solution is the EVE platform. This blog article discusses how it creates a common language between the physiotherapist and patient. We also take a closer look at an EVE profile report from our champion MMA fighter, Tuomas Grönvall.

When a patient trains on a David device, all of the training information is automatically stored to the EVE platform. The cloud service is the heart of the whole EVE platform. Here, doctors and physiotherapists can access a patient’s training information, all online and in real time. This means the total treatment program is always available for tracking and evaluating treatment success.

Each David device can be used for isometric strength and mobility testing. When setting up a patient into the system a physiotherapist or instructor will take initial test measurements using the devices in order to document the patient’s strength and mobility, and overall starting point. Based on these values, the EVE software creates a treatment program utilizing predesigned diagnose-based templates. From here, the physiotherapist can make possible changes to this program based on the patient’s individual needs. In addition, these tests provide important information for patient reporting.

EVE reports support both the physiotherapist’s work and the patient’s recovery

One of the most dynamic aspects of the EVE platform is the reports it creates. With the click of a button, the EVE platform prepares a report from the measurements taken. In fact, it compares the patient’s results to a reference scale which is based on a patient’s age, sex, height and weight. This reference data was collected at the Sports University of Cologne by Dr. Achim Denner using the David devices (The Spinal Muscular Profile, Achim Denner, Springer 1992).

Here a physiotherapist is creating a profile report from the online EVE platform.

This profile report creates a common language between the physiotherapist and patient. Throughout the patient’s treatment program, the physiotherapist can run the tests again, and compare these to the initial measurements. This function allows the physiotherapist to see what areas have improved, and what need more focus.

Being able to see personal improvements gives patients motivation to continue rehabilitation.

Suvi Teivainen, the physiotherapist at Nordic Health Ruskeasuo says these profile reports also provide added motivation for the patient because “being able to see personal improvements gives patients motivation to continue rehabilitation.” In addition, necessary changes can be made to the treatment program to better serve the patient’s recovery journey. But what does this look like in reality?

The EVE report provides key insights for MMA fighter Tuomas

Here we can see a recent EVE profile report from professional MMA fighter, Tuomas Grönvall. Our blog featured a story on his journey from rehabilitation to prevention care. He continues to regularly visit the Nordic Health clinic in Ruskeasuo. In fact, just a few weeks ago Suvi Teivainen took measurements of Tuomas’s spine. These measurements are taken using the Spine Concept devices.

The EVE profile report from Tuomas Grönvall’s spine testing done on 28.3.2019 at Nordic Health Ruskeasuo. Personal information removed.

The EVE profile report provides key information on the patient’s current status. From this report, Suvi concludes that Tuomas has a good overall strength balance, but improvements can be made to mobility and back extension strength.

My EVE profile reports show mobility imbalances which is important to know because they increase my risk of injury in MMA fights.

For Tuomas, the reports provide useful insight into his own physical health. “I like the reporting done at Nordic Health. I can see my own improvement charted in an understandable manner.” The information also helps him professionally. “My EVE reports show mobility imbalances which is important to know because they increase my risk of injury in MMA fights”. With this information, Suvi uses the EVE cloud service to update Tuomas’s program to help strengthen these areas of weakness. This includes making changes to resistance, number of repetitions, and/or the range of motion. Overall, the EVE reporting mechanism provides practical information for both physiotherapist and patient.

Interested to know more? Our website has more information on the EVE platform and its reporting functions. In addition, we will be featuring more articles that describe specific functions of the David technology.

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